Above is the main menu for the  SL Tree Of  Life  maternity tool.

This is a simple tool for role playing maternity in second life.

The fact is Second Life dose not include genitals for the avatars and has no scripting setting that can mimic child birth.

Over the years many have built systems to emulate  sex and reproduction of avatars.

This system is nothing of that nature.

We have a simple tool to assist in the role play of maternity.

The system will not allow you to name children or have a chat system,interaction system or any type of way to track baby data.

This  tool allows you to display role play information like you partners name, a due date reminder and how many children you are role playing to have.

The system will push a new born baby out  you avatars body , use water breaking effects and will hand you simple hold new born with  a blanker in single, twins or triplets .

You can also adjust the babies size and position it leaves your body and after birth effects.

We designed this to tool work with mesh bodies or default avatar.


We give with tool away with the purchase of our mesh body maternity shape kits and understand that might be confusing  but feel there are many default body shape kits people can use for sale on market place.

We have designed wonderful shape kits that will help you in your role play and work with mesh bodies.

Our shapes are only suggested for mesh body users as the setting might be strange looking on the default avatar  .